Ladakh is the third divison of the state of Jammu and Kashmir and is geographically and culture quite distinct from other parts of the state. Historically Ladakh was tied to Tibet and the people and the culture is still of the Tibetan stock. Ladakh geographically is a high altitude desert in the Trans Himalayas. Ladakh has been a perennial favorite of Trekkers due to vast Trekking opportunities that abound in this mystical yet sparsely populated Land.

Our base is set in Kargil which is a part of Ladakh with its own distinct identity. It was historically referred to as Purig and was a part of Baltistan. It was a very important stop on the trade Route from Northern India to Central Asia over the highest Mountains on the planet. It is equidistant from Srinagar, Leh and Skardu and as such has a very rich historical Past.

Our signature Treks in the Ladakh region :

Himalayan Brown Bear Camp

Great Himalayan Traverse