Our Customised Treks in the Kashmir Region

The largest and arguably the most beautiful of all the Valleys in the Himalayas is Kashmir. Bound by the Pir Panjals in the South and the Great Himalaya in the North it offers some of the finest Trekking in the Himalayas. There are various Treks which have been done in Kashmir and many of them leading out of the Valley actually follow the migration Route of the Great Trekkers of the region, the Gujjar and Bakarwal Shepherds. With the potential to Trek in the Pir Panjals as well as the Great Himalayas it is the perfect  Trekking destination. Adding to the charm is the existence of more than a 1000 Alpine Lakes that dot the Mountains around the Valley.

Another added factor is the accessibility aspect as you can fly into Kashmir from anywhere in India and be at the base Camp for the Trek on the same day. These are some of the signature Treks offered by Travel The Himalayas. And two of them viz The Greater Lakes and the Danizab are exclusive offerings from Travel The Himalayas.

Lets Trek in Kashmir ! Some of the Treks we have on offer :

Kashmir Great Lakes Trek

Tarsar Marsar Trek